Kelly Ramirez

Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Kelly founded Prismatic in 2018 with the mission to create a more holistic approach to digital marketing for small to mid-sized brands that often struggle to scale e-commerce. Building from her near-decade long experience at Google - where she led global growth initiatives for the top 1% of travel advertisers -  Kelly saw an opportunity to enable and activate high-potential brands that lacked a data-driven roadmap and the internal capacity to achieve significant e-commerce growth. 

Kelly is passionate about crafting thoughtful strategies, harnessing the power of data for better decision making, and transforming a plan into action by bringing a high-caliber execution team to each client engagement. 

A former trekking and mountain bike guide in the Northern Rockies and Chile, she now follows the lead of her 8-year-old twin girls exploring the mountains, trails and rivers of SW Montana, which is home. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College.